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This app will request access to your devices push notification capabilities in order to schedule push notifications on device. These push notifications are required if you wish to receive reminders about your upcoming tasks according to the recipes or sourdoughs you have set up in your app. The app will only schedule these notifications if you have the push settings activated in the settings portion of the app and allowed pushes inside of your OS settings. Your push notifications will only be scheduled on device and require no internet connection or server communication.

Storage Duration

The information you enter into this app will only be stored on device for as long as the data is needed. “Deleting” anything inside this app, such as recipes, blueprints or sourdough data results in permanent deletion. The only data stored on device is the data depicted inside of the settings screen. All data from this app is deleted once the app is removed from your device.

Forwarding to Third Parties

We do currently not send any of the information inside of this app to any third parties. All data created and stored on this device will stay on this device.

Creation Date

This Privacy Policy was created on July 28, 2020.

Special Thanks

A very special thank you goes out to all the people that helped me developing this App. First, there is Theresa, who maticulously and thoroughly broke the App many times to highlight the weak spots and therefore helped me an insane amout in making the app as robust and stable as I could. Then there is Phillip, who talked with me and inspired me to build some of the features I never would have thought of and he therefore helped make the app more user friendly and useful. Lastly, there are all the Beta tester. You helped me find the most hidden and unexpected bugs and prepare the app for its release.

Thank You!