Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the order of steps?

Open up your recipe and tap the “Edit” button in the top right. You can now use the handles on the right side of each row to drag around the steps to where you need them to be. Once you’re happy with the new order, simply tap “Done” and you can continue with the recipe as usual.

What is a Blueprint?

Think of “Blueprints” as “Templates”. If you have a recipe you bake frequently, try creating a blueprint for it.

You enter all the necessary information for this recipe in the blueprint.

Once you’re ready to run the recipe and make that delicious bread, simply create a new recipe and select “From Blueprint” when the dialog appears. Then, tap the blueprint of the recipe you just created.

The App then copies all of the steps and times into the recipe and you’re good to go. You can repeat this process as often as you like!

Important: All changes made to a recipe are only in the recipe. The blueprint will not change with the recipe if you make any adjustments to it.

Is there an Android version?

No, unfortunately, at this moment there isn’t.

I am a single iOS Developer working on this project in my spare time and the iOS App took roughly 350+ hours to make a reality.

I am not as familiar with Android and therefore the time investment will be much higher than 350 hours. Many people are craving an Android app though, so this is definitely something I am considering.

There is not a fixed timeline or release date at this point.

Why is this iOS 14 only?

This App is a side project by my, Ferdinand, and was intended as a way for me to learn new technologies released by Apple with iOS 14.

It was never even intended to see the light of day, let alone be released on the Apple AppStore. When I posted in on /r/Breadit however, the response was so overwhelming, I decided to push it further and release it as my first ever iOS App.

This is the reason why unfortunately early in the process I decided to use some technologies that are not backwards compatible towards earlier iOS version (like 13 or 12) and prevent me from making this App available for earlier versions.

This is a huge bummer for me and many other users, but unfortunately nothing I can easily fix. I am terribly sorry if this is the reason you’re unable to use the app.

Summary: This app was never intended for release when I started to work on it, so some of the choices made are less than ideal. I am sorry if this prevents you from using the app, but it is nothing I can retroactively change or fix without a HUGE time investment.

It flatters me and warms my heart to get so many questions about how you can support me and this app. Thanks to everyone who deems this worthy of support. 🙏

If you would like to support this app, I have an option where you can donate money to keep the app alive.

Other than that, please consider leaving a review on the AppStore. This helps a lot in getting more eyes on the app and helps the app being discovered!

Thank you. I am incredibly grateful for every single ones support. I am absolutely speechless and can’t even thank you enough!

What languages are available?

Currently we only support 3 Languages:

If you want to help with translation, please send me an email.